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Building A Deck With Woodson

You're probably already dreading this ... it's time to replace the deck. No worries at Woodson Lumber our team has you covered. Whether you're looking for wood, composite, concrete, metal, lighted, covered, and much more.

So where do you start?

1. Get Ideas.

Look for inspiration in your backyard or neighbors yard or friends and family. Over the years many people have created elaborate or simple deck spaces. Check online there are always new ideas coming out that are great to incorporate into a new outdoor space.

2. Plan and Measure

Once you have an idea about what you want your space to look like then start getting a few measurements. Make sure that the area that you will be covering will usable and compatible with what your goals and expectations are.

3. Decide whether you are doing the work or if you need a contractor.

Many of our customers love to do these projects hands on and that is great. We recommend if you are doing it on your own to visit the Simpson Strong-Tie Deck Center at to get a feel for all the items you may need on the project and to make sure the deck is installed appropriately. We want to make sure your investment is still standing years to come.

4. Visit Woodson Lumber

Whether you're working with a contractor or diving right in yourself, come visit our team at your local store. We can help in picking out the right products for the job along with the style you are looking for.

Deciding on The Correct Product

At Woodson Lumber we have many vendors that we can get different kinds of decking. Things to consider on decks are price, maintenance, and warranties.

Wood Decks

  • Lower Price

  • Higher Maintenance.

Wood decks are gorgeous, but sometimes require a much higher maintenance to keep looking in their prime. Many deck stains now come with sealers and protectors to help keep your wood deck maintained.

We currently carry Ready Seal items that you can purchase online from our store at

Composite Decks

  • Higher Price

  • More Options

  • Lower Maintenance

Composite decks are a great option with no splinters. They generally are higher price and have an abundance of colors and types. They also require less maintenance with no staining and regular upkeep like wood decks.

We have many vendors that we can order composite decking from and have ample brochures and documentation on. We will highlight a few here.


Fiberon comes in a few different styles and many different colors. Check out some of the options at .

We mentioned lower maintenance here is a short video about a few reasons that Fiberon is a lower maintenance option.


TimberTech is another great option for decking. TimberTech offers warranties that extend 25, 30, or even 50 years depending on the decking line you choose.

Visit and take a look at the interesting options that are available.

If we have not overloaded you with ideas and information already, stop by our store and talk to a representative. We would be more than happy to help you with your decking project.

Thanks for Reading,

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